Save time with an automated customer communication process.


of contacted customers showed interest.


Our processes allow you to clean 40% of your lists.

Konductö offers you a turnkey service for the preparation and communications of your recall campaigns.

Focus on the most important ... your customers.

From your customer contact list, we will set up an automated communications campaign to identify and qualify the customers targeted by your recall of the manufacturer wishing to be contacted quickly and inexpensively for an appointment. In addition, you will gain from this campaign a wealth of relevant information to update your database, both in terms of ownership of the vehicle concerned, the validity of customer contact details and more.

Focus your efforts on interested customers. We will provide you with the list of customers to contact.


Use our customer contact centre.

Package includes

  • Extraction of recall lists
  • Preparation of SMS and emails
  • Lists of customer statuses
  • List of calls from interested customers


Customer contact centre option for making an appointment directly in your DMS.



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100-4255 Lapinière blvd
Brossard QC Canada  J4Z 0C7