Stored tires – A large number of customers waiting for a response.

“They are asking a lot of questions that you cannot leave unanswered.”

We know the future situation is uncertain, but the current situation is known. Customers wonder “Can I get my tires back?” or “Can I make an appointment to have them installed?” You know the answer to these questions! So why not let your customers know now?

FMT Strategy and Performance allows you to communicate quickly and at low cost with ALL your customers with their tires stored in your inventory to inform them of your current situation and its development.

We have a campaign built to allow you to tell them how to make future appointments for their installation and provide them with all the information they need.

Our turnkey solution will save you a lot of hassle, calls, emails and texts about it.

Don’t wait for their frustration to increase further, they won’t go unanswered forever. An information message on a voicemail won’t satisfy them for long.

Contact us now to discuss the various options available to you and the other communication campaigns we have specifically built to help you through this crisis.


By fmt strategy and performance