Have you postponed your service appointments? You will avoid unnecessary travel to your customers.

With the recent announcement postponing the opening of stores until May 4, 2020, several dealers are left with a large number of appointments in the service department to be postponed.

In the last few weeks, be aware that several customers have come to their dealership, often for excellent reasons, for their service appointment, because it had not been postponed and no information had been personally communicated to them about it. In several cases, they ran into a closed door with a message of sympathy explaining the reasons for the dealership’s closure.

In today’s environment, everyone agrees that it is best to avoid unnecessary travel for your customers. It is therefore important to ensure that you communicate as quickly as possible with your clients with appointments to inform them of the status of the appointment and the procedure to follow to postpone it.

« Your customers will come to their appointment if it is not postponed and no information is communicated to them. »

FMT Strategy and Performance offers you a solution to communicate quickly and at low cost with your customers who have a service appointment in the coming weeks to inform them of your current situation and its evolution and to notify them of the postponement of their appointment.

We have a campaign built to allow you to tell them what to do and provide them with all the information they need.

Our turnkey solution will save you from causing unnecessary frustration and travel to your customers.

Contact us now to discuss the various options available to you and the other communication campaigns we have specifically built to help you through this crisis.


by fmt strategy and performance