Some customers will arrive at the end of their rental in the coming weeks. Do they know what to do?

Buying a vehicle from a dealership is one of the most important purchases for the majority of your customers. They must feel absolute confidence throughout their business relationship with you in order for it to continue and repeat itself.

For your rental customers, there are three types of key interactions where this self-confidence must absolutely be reaffirmed:

  • When buying and taking possession;
  • During service visits;
  • When the vehicle is handed over or purchased.

For the first two of these three steps, most manufacturers conduct customer surveys to find out how satisfied they are. However, in the return process of rentals, these surveys are much less frequent. However, this step is critical to whether or not the relationship with your client is renewed. It should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

“Your customers at the end of the rental are your buyers of tomorrow. They must be confident throughout the return process of their rental.”

In this particular situation, it is absolutely essential to keep these clients informed of the progress of their renewal process and any changes that result from it. They must feel that they are dealing with people in control of the situation, even if it is uncertain. The process must remain fluid and you must eliminate any questioning on their part.

In the last few days, several manufacturers have sent letters to this clientele advising them that their return from renting has been postponed, but this is far from sufficient.

FMT Strategy and Performance allows you to communicate quickly and at low cost with ALL your customers whose rental was expected to end or end during the crisis to inform them of your current situation, its evolution and the precise procedure for the return of their rental.

What about future deliveries?

The situation is exactly the same for customers waiting for delivery in the coming weeks. They have a large number of unanswered questions, for example:

  • When can I take possession of my vehicle?
  • When will I have to make my first payments?
  • And much more

It is imperative to communicate quickly with all these customers to tell them what it will be like to take possession of their vehicle when you return to business. You need to tell them when you will contact them to set a new delivery date, what financial adjustments are available to them, etc.

“The trust of your new customers is not yet built. Show them today that they are in good hands and they will give you a lasting and renewable loyalty.”

Again, FMT Strategy and Performance allows you to quickly communicate with these new customers to inform them properly and answer their questions.

Contact us now to discuss the various options available to you and the other communication campaigns we have specifically built to help you through this crisis.


par FMT Stratégie et performance