Vehicle recall campaigns service

Clean up your recall campaigns with our advanced cross-data algorithm and get thru your list quickly and effectively.


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Our cross-data algorithm will connect multiple sources to clean your recalls lists.  This will help you …

  • Avoid contacting the same customers for multiple recalls.
  • Verify and actualize the vehicle owners contact informations with the latest available data.
  • Assign the vehicle owners to the best communication channel group.
  • Generate list of owners who no longer own the vehicle.
  • Get you a list of customers, awaiting appointments for their recall(s).

Get your shop busy in the quiet periods with our recall campaign service.

Take at look at our process

  • Data collection and extraction
  • Cross-data cleaning
  • Updating customers contacts informations
  • Multi-channel dynamic communications campaign
  • List of customers awaiting appointments
  • List of customers who no longer own the vehicle
recall campaigns

Turn your recall campaigns into new vehicle sales with Copilot Service

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