Customer follow-up solution for your automobile service department

We simplify service customer loyalty

Essential services for $ 1,380 / month.

Increase your service customer loyalty with our complete automobile follow-up solution

Custom design a solution to your needs and complement your ressources by outsourcing to our BDC.

  • Complement your BDC with our services and achieve more without adding staff.
  • Increase your BDC efficiency with our dynamic communications to reduce your staffing needs.
  • Get your agents to work on fresh daily lists to optimize your production.

Dynamic communications for better customer interactivity

  • Automated communications sequences, build up from SMS, Email and call interaction.
  • Daily updated communications lists following customer interactions and actions.
  • Fresh data pulled daily from your DMS for the latest campaign results and active customer follow-up.

Intelligent customer behavior algorithms to select the right customers at the right time

  • Complete customer service history and behavior analysis.
  • Communication prompted by customer interaction and driving habits.
  • Cross-campaign tracking for more intelligent communications.

Multi-channel communications for better customer reach

  • Build up your communications with SMS, Email and calls for better cost control.
  • Automated communication channels management built from dynamic customer interactions.
  • Continuous communications sent between peak hours for a better incoming flow.

Campaign results and ROI reporting

  • Live tracking of campaign lists progression and results.
  • Detailed multi-channel communications reporting.
  • Monthly ROI measurement based on past and futur revenues.


We have developed algorithms and tools that allow you to be much more efficient than with traditional CRMs. Everything has been designed to have maximum production per agent by making their actions more fluid and automating repetitive tasks. 

Konductö never sleeps, every night we update the customer contact lists according to the actions already taken by your customers and their driving habits. As a result, your agents are up and running faster and they are working on freshly updated lists.

Konductö assures you of a close follow-up of your customers ahead of their due dates. You therefore reduce the inter-service time interval and reduce your incoming calls because of your proactive outbound communications.

It’s a combination of the 2 depending on whether you choose to do everything in-house or outsource some of the communications. With Konductö, you have access to powerful tools for customer communications and also an access to our customer contact center to complete all or partly  your communications. 

Starting at $1,380 per month, you have a complete customer loyalty program generating your leads and business everyday.

Konductö is designed for you to choose the services à la carte. You can use Konductö to complement your BDC, improve it’s efficiency or outsource it all. Talk to a specialist to discuss the numerous possibilities offered by our program.