Tire season campaign

Simplify your tire season and let us book your shop before the first snowfall

campagne de pneus tire campaigns
« I had the best season ever thanks to Konductö’s Tire campaign »

Martin Beaulieu

- Alix Toyota

Take a load off your back and let us handle your tire season campaign.

Our tire season campaigns are design and built to give you more even incoming flow of appointments so that you can plan your ressources better. With better ressources planning you will be able to generate more work orders and sales.

Our team of experts will beginning by assessing your potential customer base with stored tires, new vehicle buyers and previous season tire installations. This will give you a complete picture of the campaign size and business potential.

The deployment will start with the dynamic communications, leading its way into outbound calls, if chosen, to accelerate the campaign before we hit the first snowfall.

Our dynamic communication campaign duration, rhythm and sequence will be planned to generate appointments in a timely manner.

2 options to choose from

Option 1
  • Customer base evaluation and potential
  • Customers segmentation
  • SMS and Emails dynamic communications
  • Campaign report
Option 2
  • Customer base evaluation and potential
  • Customers segmentation
    SMS and Emails dynamic communications
  • 🚀 Get your appointments booked early in the season and avoid the rush of the first snowfall by outsourcing your outbound calls to our team of trained agents
  • Campaign report
Why you should trust us !
  • All of your customers and prospects will be contacted
  • Controlled flow of incoming calls
  • Better planning of your schedule and resources
  • Increased sales
  • Increased number of work orders
  • Reduced rush and staff overtime

Dealership branded communication.

Emails, SMS and outbound calls are all personalized to your dealership.

  • Unique SMS number.
  • Dedicated outbound phone number with your own call queue and voicemail.
  • Dealer branded email with your own unsubscribe box. 

Take control of your tire season today !

Let our experts book your tire season while you focus on your customers !

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