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Dealership customer service tips: how to ensure all customers get a response​

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the daily tasks for a dealer manager. But one thing that might affect your business volume and customer retention is how customers are greeted when they come in touch with your team ! If advisors don’t answer on time or if their lines are busy can be a significant factor. Konductö has been around for quite some time, and their founders have always had one guiding line: to help dealerships to be as efficient as possible. This led them down the path of developing services that would ensure customers to receive constant excellent service at all times during their experience with you ! In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips on making sure your sales team doesn’t miss any business opportunities over phone lines.

Proactive approach to your customer service

By taking a proactive approach to your customer service, you can avoid the rush of calls that often occurs during peak seasons. For example, Konductö’s tire campaigns ensure all customers get a follow-up prior to the peak season starts so there will always be enough time for everyone ! This way you can avoid call rushes which could clog your phone lines at peak times.

Managing your communication strategically

By managing your communications strategically, you can manage those calls during off-peak times. This allows you to keep your phone system available for emergencies or appointments-rather than overloading your answering system at once ! Konductö offers various solutions depending on the needs of each customer: either full handling of all your incoming calls with our expert team who takes care of everything ; or simply a strategic distribution of your communications in low traffic periods.

If you want to keep your customer’s satisfaction then bring them back to your shop, it's important that they receive the best service.

So if they can’t get in touch with someone quickly enough, you could lose them to competition ! Let’s take a look at some crucial factors when they are choosing an auto repair facility ;
  • The customer’s vehicle dealer
  • The customer’s place of residence
  • The ease of having an appointment
  • The quality of the work carried out
  • The rates
  • If the deadlines are respected for the works

Solutions for your dealership

To stay ahead in this competitive world, it is crucial to be available constantly. To make sure you never miss a sale or opportunity and provide the best service possible for your customers; Konductö offers solutions, so they can contact your dealership anytime during business hours.

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You will be surprised at the possibilities for your dealership!

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