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How to overcome the staff shortage in your dealership

The recent pandemic has had a huge impact on all markets including dealerships. Customer service sometimes relies upon people who do not have the technical knowledge to fully understand or explain mechanical problems.This type of task requires continuous training until they are technically qualified enough to meet all customer requests. This can be a nightmare if staff turnover hinders opportunities for growth, As the required up to date training vanishes with the workforce turnover. Konductö offers a variety of services to help dealerships fill their staffing gaps. Let’s take a look at some options we bring to you! Konductö’s customer service offers more than just single expertise; we have the skills required for any request, no matter the complexity ! Additionally, our programs are much less expensive than the average full time employee salary- so let us show you somehow we can help your business.

Konductö, automobile maintenance follow-up program

This program is a gold mine of information for any dealership. It is not only keeping track of your customers, but also their driving habits or records which makes it easier than ever prior to making decisions about future service plans! Our communications are sent in advance, prior to a maintenance emergency.By managing your dynamic communications over time, the dealership can take full advantage of less busy periods to get in touch with customers. If you are looking for a complete follow-up, our agents can take care of all your customers who you could not get in touch with, this way, you make sure to track all customers any time!

Konductö conquest program

Customer loss is a major problem for any business. The Conquest Program is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and maintain your contact privileges! Most people are unaware of how often their car needs maintenance. Take advantage of your reputation and expertise to sell specialized services with our solutions. In addition, you will ensure to update your database and prevent your customers from getting their vehicle fixed by a competitor.
There are steps you can take to work around the labor shortage problem, but don’t waste another minute! Contact one of our representatives for free quotes on solutions your dealership might need.