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Tips and tricks to consider before planning your tire season

In this article, we offer tips and tricks to consider prior you even begin planning your tire season. The results may or not be beneficial for the dealership depending on how much effort is put into it! Here are a few things you can do in order to prepare yourself ahead of time so that next tire season won’t look like such an uphill battle.

We all know that success starts with a plan. Planning your schedule and following up in advance gives you peace of mind, ensuring availability for all your customers! That’s why our tire campaigns are designed to be proactive- we segment the customer list according to their consumption habits (or priorities), for example we contact the oldest customers first, way before the snow arrives to reduce stress during these times.

By following up on all of your customers in the database, you make sure they don’t go somewhere else to get their tires installed. This not only improves customer retention but also increases sales when it goes for the next routine inspection. Maintaining good relationships with those who have already been pleased by working together is important if we want them back next time around.

Communications are an important factor that will help you save time and money this season. Why suffer the hassle of managing communications when we can automate it?

Konductö campaigns offer solutions : pre-programmed messages to your image sent according to your clients’ needs, communications are delivered during off-peak times to prevent the overloading of your team! With this strategy, you’ll be able to fill your free time at the service department and follow all of your customers without forgetting anyone for the next tire season !

What kind of communications do you use for your tire campaign?

People are increasingly connected online and get bombarded with multiple messages throughout the day. In a world where everything moves quickly, it’s important to stand out so that we can grab their attention by using personalized and single-channel communication according to clients’ needs. Konductö’s campaigns follow this pattern: there isn’t just one type but rather several options depending upon customer profile as well as preferred means such SMS messaging through email or phone calls.

The time of your Service Advisors is precious and should not be wasted on recurring tasks. Konductö offers an option for handling all customer follow-ups over the phone, which ensures that they’re focused only on emergencies and day-to-day customers. You’ll never experience tire rush again with our experienced agents who will take care of everything and will book directly by your DMS!

Are you ready to prepare for your tire season?

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