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Comment regagner vos clients perdus et augmenter vos ventes

How to Regain Lost Customers and Increase Sales: Effective Strategies to Adopt

As an automotive professional, you understand how important it is to retain customers to ensure the growth of your business. However, it can be easy to lose touch with customers after a few years of inactivity, which can jeopardize the trust established between you and your customers.

A personalized service

That’s why at Konductö, we believe it’s essential to keep track of all your customers and maintain up-to-date records to always be ready to offer them personalized servicetailored to their needs. Customers appreciate when you offer them services that take into account their purchase history, driving habits, and their vehicle. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer who will not hesitate to talk about your dealership to their network. Therefore, by offering quality service to your customers, you increase your chances of long-term success. For this reason, we advise you to always prioritize your existing customers before seeking new ones.

Our solutions

At Konductö, we offer a variety of services to ensure that you are always available to your customers. We offer preventive maintenance follow-upspecialized services, promotional offers, and much more. These services will allow you to stay in regular contact with your customers, while offering personalized service and increasing customer loyalty.
In conclusion, it is essential to take care of your existing customers to ensure the growth of your automotive dealership. By offering personalized service and maintaining regular communication with your customers, you increase your chances of long-term success. At Konductö, we are here to help you maintain this trust relationship with your customers and increase your success in the automotive market.